The Four Most Popular Sports Followed And Played In Italy

Italy’s Most Popular Sports


Most countries throughout the globe have a selection of sports that are popular on a national level, and Italy is no different. With some of the best athletes, teams, and clubs in the world, Italy has long prided itself on its selection of world-class sport, and while there are groups of fans for just about every sport imaginable, there are a handful that tend to be more beloved than others. 


These are sports that boast millions of fans from across the country and have large and old clubs that have been at the forefront of some of the biggest sporting events of all time. With that in mind, these are the most popular sports within Italy. 




Most people would believe that basketball’s popularity is exclusive to the United States, but it’s a sport that truly transcends all borders. In fact, Italy has some of the best basketball teams in the industry outside of the US, and many of the teams from the country have seen victory numerous times while playing in events like the Euro League. Many players that are renown on an international level were originally from Italy and would eventually move on to play for big teams in the United States. 




There aren’t many countries that don’t have football as their favourite national pastime, and Italy can count itself on that list. Football is universally enjoyed by hundreds of millions of players and punters and is host to some of the largest sporting events on the sports calendar every year. Most people have heard of the clubs Juventus and Milan, both true behemoths in the footballing scene, and both clubs have earned countless trophies over the years. When it comes to a passion for the game of football, few other countries come quite as close, as is apparent with apuestas de futbol Argentina.  




Rugby is probably most famous played in places like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, but some might be surprised to learn that Italians love their rugby just as much. While it’s popular throughout most of the country, it’s the northern regions of Italy that tend to hold the most passion for it. The game was first brought into the country well over a 100 years ago when the British were visiting toward the end of the 19th century, and it didn’t take long for rugby to become a favourite among the locals. Even today, rugby is widely played and enjoyed by millions of Italians, even if they don’t have as much of an impact on the international scene as some other regions. 




When it comes to leading a specific sport, the Italians tend to be among the world leaders when it comes to volleyball. Known as Pallavolo in the country, it’s extremely popular, and the Italian Volleyball League is one of the most respected sports institutions in the world and have produced some of the greatest volleyball players of all time. 


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